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LGDSO provides a location for our members to enjoy observing away from the hassle and lights of the city. During the observing season, we utilize this site twice a month on the Saturday around last quarter Moon and the Saturday prior to (or immediately following) New Moon, when the skies are the darkest. The observing “season” is generally Autumn through Spring coinciding with the time that we provide the public Sidewalk Astronomy events.


In addition to providing dark sky opportunities for members and their guests, we also provide astronomy functions for the general public in the form of “Sidewalk Astronomy”. Weather permitting, once each month, (except during the summer), we set up at a location and let everyone look at the best of what happens to be visible that particular night. Once in a while, we'll also set up our telescopes for special events such as lunar eclipses. Sign up to the mailing list below.

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