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There will be a special observing event held at Robinson Preserve on May 25th for the best veiwing of Omega Centauri. This will be a dark sky event as there will be no moon to wash out the sky. Omega Centauri is a massive globular star cluster consisting of over 1 million stars. It is actually a southern hemisphere object so it will  be about 14 above the southern horizon.

This event is weather permitting and will start at sunset and run till 11PM.

For a complete schedule, click on the SIDEWALK ASTRONOMY link above.


M104 - The Sombrero Galaxy / Photo by Sean McDonald

Welcome to the home page for the Local Group of Deep Sky Observers. We are an astronomy club located in the Sarasota - Bradenton area of Florida. Here you will find info on becoming a member, Sidewalk Astronomy events and a bit about the club in general.

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